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We are unlike any other institution of higher learning- one of the lowest tuition costs of any similar school with a high quality, full term, on-line education. In order to keep tuition low and to support as many students who want a Christian education as possible, we depend on donations to our institution. We ask that you help us to make this dream a reality for aspiring ministers and Christian workers everywhere. Please donate through our GoFundMe/McDowell-Bible-College account which is linked as 'Donate' above.

McDowell Bible College Course Listing
and Core Degree Requirements which total 36 Semester Hours

Click on course to see semester hours, prerequisites, description, and suggested book(s).
All required course books must be purchased by student.
Books listed may be updated or changed by the time registration begins.
Core requirements per school category listed with each category, i.e. Humanities 6 hrs.
* Core required courses.

Business 3 hrs

BUS2101-Church Leadership
BUS2102-Church Administration
BUS2103-Church Accounting
COM1001-Computer Applications for Churches*
COM1005-Church Visual Presentation Preparation
COM1205-Church Media Resources
COM2101-Graphics and Design for Churches
COM2201-Church Website Programming and Design
COM2202-Church Database Programming and Design

Humanities 15 hrs

ENG1001-Written Communications for Christian Scholars I*
ENG1002-Written Communications for Christian Scholars II*
MUS1001-Introduction to Reading Church Music
MUS2005-Survey of Religious Music
SPC1001-Speech for Christian Service*

Religion 6 hrs

REL1001-Survey of the Old Testament*
REL1002-Survey of the New Testament*
REL1005-Biblical Interpretation
REL2001-Teaching the Bible
REL2002-Biblical Counseling
REL2201-Worship Leadership
REL2501-Sermon Preparation
REL2502-Sermon Delivery
REL2601-Christian Ethics
REL2810-Biblical Poetry and Lyrics
REL3001-Theology I - Biblical Theology
REL3002-Theology II - Systematic Theology
REL3005-Spiritual Formation
REL3201-Biblical Counseling
REL3501-Survey of Apologetics
REL3804-1 and 2 Chronicles
REL3806-Judges and Ruth
REL3907-1 and 2 Corinthians
REL4002-A Survey of Missions
REL4003-Theology III - Historical, Dogmatic and Contemporary Theology.
REL4005-Evangelism and Outreach
REL4201-Pastoral Ministry
REL4202-Issues in Ministry

Science and Mathematics 6 hrs

MAT1001-Mathematics for Churches and Non-Profits*
SCI1001-Physical Science from a Biblical Perspective*

Social and Behavioral Sciences 6 hrs

HIS2001-History of the Church I
HIS2002-History of the Church II

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