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Tuition Cost and Fees

Most of our students attend free, although we ask if you can afford it to make a donation when you can. MBC provides a quality, demanding education equivalent to schools costing thousands per term who charge extra online fees up to a hundred dollars or more per class. (All costs listed must be paid in U. S. dollars.)


Below indicates cost per semester hour accorded by total annual household income in US$. Total household income includes student's income plus that of spouse and/or parents if living in same household. U.S. Students may be required periodically to show proof of income if they are paying a lower tuition. If a student falsely reports their income, they could be billed for the difference, and, if failing to compensate, receive academic suspension and/or be expelled from MBC without refund. To ensure you are earning your low tuition, you may receive academic suspension from McDowell Bible College if your GPA drops below 2.0 undergrad or 2.5 master's for two consecutive terms. To waive suspension, you will need to pay full tuition (at $75,000 and up rate) for the next terms until you achieve the required GPA.

Based on total annual household salary listed per semester hour (usually 3 hours for each course, i.e., one 3 semester hour course would cost $15 for a student with a total household income of under $20,000.)

Under $30,000: $0

$30,000 to $49,999:
    Undergrad: $25 per hour
    Graduate: $50 per hour

$50,000 to $74,999:
    Undergrad: $50 per hour
    Graduate: $75 per hour

Full Tuition
$75,000 up:
    Undergrad: $75 per hour
    Graduate: $100 per hour


Admissions Fee:
    Under $30,000: $0
    $30,000 to $49,999: $25.00
    $50,000 to $74,999: $40.00
    $75,000 up: $50.00

• Online Fees → FREE (Other schools charge as much as $100 per course)

• Graduation fee: $25*

* Includes only the diploma mailed to student. Beginning with COVID-19, and due to so few U.S. graduating students, we have discontinued on-site graduation ceremonies annually until there are at least 50 U. S. participants to make the ceremony worth while. Students making under $30,000 per year may have their diplomas sent free, however, only one time. If their location does not receive the diploma (some countries waylay religious mail and some lose it), they will have to pay the graduation fee for a second mailing.

• Late registration fee: $10 per course.*

• Official transcript fee → $10. All unofficial online transcripts are free. (Student accounts must be paid up.)

• Late payment fee on payment plan → $25 per month.

Payment Plan:
1/3 down (or rounded up) and 1/3 each of the two months afterwards.

To keep costs low for others, feel free to donate when you can.
DONATE button at bottom of our website!

*Important Notes:
• Books, computer, software, fees and internet requirements are the student's responsibility. Failure to purchase books and other requirements is no excuse and will impact your grade unless you withdraw, though many courses may provide online study documents free, a few courses, especially graduate courses, will require you to purchase the course textbook(s) and many of our students prefer hardcopy books to E-Books. All books should be available at
• Fees paid to MBC are non-refundable.
• Tuition is refundable with the following schedule with regard to full or partially completed weeks (1 to 7 days = 1 week) up until the official withdrawal date:

    Prior to the first day of class: 100%.
    1 week: 90%.
    2 weeks: 80%.
    3 weeks: 70%.
    4 weeks: 60%.
    5 weeks: 50%.
    6 weeks: 40%.
    After 6 weeks: No refund.

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