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We are unlike any other institution of higher learning- free tuition with no obligation other than those of a student. In order to keep tuition free and to support as many students who want a Christian education as possible, we depend on donations to our institution. We ask that you help us to make this dream a reality for aspiring ministers and Christian workers everywhere. Please donate through our GoFundMe/McDowell-Bible-College account which is linked as 'Donate' above.

Tuition Cost and Fees
(All costs are listed in US dollars and all tuition must be paid in US dollars.)

• Cost per semester hour: $0
Yes, it is zero. We are a tuition free college funded 100% by Christian donations.
• Full cost of an Associate of Arts degree of two years and 60 hours: $0 plus books, computer hardware and software, internet and the fees listed below.
• Full cost of a Bachelor of Arts degree of four years and 120 hours: $0 plus plus books, computer hardware and software, internet and the fees listed below.
• Admissions Application Fee - $50* Not billed until after admitted. If you are refused admission, then you pay nothing. This fee is used to offset administrative costs.
• Late Registration Fee - $50* Must be paid to receive grades or transcripts for courses at end of term.
• Graduation Application Fee: $150* (Includes ceremony, cap and gown, diploma and graduation picture, dinner, and unlimited on-line unofficial transcripts.)
• Official Transcript fee: $10*.
• Unofficial Transcript from Website: Free.
* NOTE: Books, computer, software, fees and internet requirements are student's responsibility. Admission, Graduation fees, and most other fees are non-refundable.

McDowell Bible College
An on-line international school that serves English speaking Christian students around the world.
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