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We are unlike any other institution of higher learning- free tuition with no obligation other than those of a student. In order to keep tuition free and to support as many students who want a Christian education as possible, we depend on donations to our institution. We ask that you help us to make this dream a reality for aspiring ministers and Christian workers everywhere. Please donate through our GoFundMe/McDowell-Bible-College account which is linked as 'Donate' above.

You must be accepted for admissions and receive your student access
then log into the website inorder to register for classes.

Registration for the Fall 2018 term began August 6th and ends September 3rd..

• Registration will not be finalized until academic advisor approval.
• All required course books; computer, internet and software requirements are the student's responsibility to obtian before class begins.
• Books listed may be updated or changed by the time registration begins, so wait to purchase until registration begins.
• The academic advisor will approve the registration based on your grades and prerequisites.
• Some classes have a minimum requirement of 5 to 10 students, so a class may be cancelled at the end of the normal registration period. Students may then register for another class late without penalty.

Admission, Graduation fees, and most other fees are non-refundable.

McDowell Bible College
An on-line international school that serves English speaking Christian students around the world.
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